How do cable guided solar shades handle the wind?

A question that we are often asked is how our exterior patio shades handle the wind. Our popular cable guided solar shades handle the winds of the Tri-cities/Eastern Washington and Northern Oregon very well. These shades are manufactured in Tuscan, Arizona where they understand & design shades to handle wind, sun and sand.

Cable Shades defined:

Our solar fabric shades include stainless steel swivel eyelets that run up and down on sturdy stainless-steel cables. The bottom section of the shade has a heavy-duty steel bar, This bar prevents the shades from swinging in the wind. Cables are secured to a top sturdy beam and then anchored at the bottom. There are several anchoring points depending on the application. Most often the anchors are secured to a cement patio or porch floor. We are also easily able to secure them to a wall or a post. This insures a strong and safe shade. The heavy-duty secure cables are flexible and allow for a little bit of movement. You’ll notice that when the wind blows the shade will get a bow in it and the bar lifts a bit. But because the bar is so heavy it keeps the shade securely and safely in place.

How much wind:

What mile per hour wind speed the shade should be rolled up. The answer is that it’s dependent on several factors such as:

  • The width and drop of the shade area.
  • The location of the shade.
  • Direction of where the shade will be hung.

Typically, in this area the prevailing wind direction is from the southwest, but can come from all directions and often includes gusts. Northwest Shade Company is confident that with our expert knowledge and installation experience, we can provide an excellent solution for anyone living in the Tri-Cities, WA and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in a cable shade for your home or business, call us to set up a free estimate, 509-308-1354.

Mocha Solar Shade with View Left Side
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