A Retractable Awning installed over your patio, porch or deck will expand your outdoor living area allowing you to enjoy sunshine when you want it and shade when you don’t.  Designed to be complimentary to your outdoor area, we offer durable and functional exterior shade systems designed to outsmart the weather. 

  • Extruded Aluminum Hood
  • Stainless Steel Chain Arm
  • Hundreds of Sunbrella fabric choices
  • Optional Awning Hood Available
  • Retractable Widths up to 39FT
  • Motion Detection System
  • 5 Projection Options
  • Pitch Options
  • Motorized Options
  • Solar Power Options
  • Wind, Sun and Motion Sensor Options
  • Excellent Product & Service Warranty
  • Professional Installation
  • Save Up to 25% – 40% On Cooling Costs
  • UV Protection
  • TUV Tested
  • Vacation in your backyard
  • Outsmart the weather
  • Protect your furnishings
  • Expand your outdoor space
  • Block the sun & other elements
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Add Privacy

Retractable Awnings look great, add value to your home

& enhance the art of outdoor living!

Sierra Window Awning


 The Sierra Window Awning is a high quality, custom built retractable awning.  Installing the Sierra Window Awning can shade windows, doors or small patio openings providing many years of shade and enjoyment.  This awning offers an extruded aluminum hood, custom sizes, Sunbrella fabric, 5 available projections and can be motorized.



The Catalina Semi Cassette Patio Awning is a high quality, custom built retractable awning. 

This retractable awning can accommodate widths up to 40FT, has 5 projection options, has adjustable shoulders, stainless steel chain, Sunbrella Fabric,  can accommodate a retractable valance, can be manual or motorized and wind and motion sensors can be added. Brochure: Tucson Awning Brochure

This retractable provides retractable widths up to 39 FT, has 2 projection options, stainless steel chain, Sunbrella Fabric,  can accommodate a retractable valance and awning hood avaiable, can be manual or motorized and wind and motion sensors can be added. Brochure: Tucson XL Patio Awning

We offer manual or motorized awning options. When you opt for our motorized option, your awning is linked to a remote control or wall panel that allows you to make changes with the touch of a button.


Some of the benefits of motorized awnings:

Remote technology allows you to raise or lower your shades and awnings from anywhere in your home at any time, regardless of the weather or the time of day.

Allows you to easily open or close your awning, making it easy to keep your attention and focus on the tasks at hand or the guests you are entertaining without any interruption.

Motorized operation of awnings can also offer comfort to individuals who might otherwise have trouble with manual raising and lowering your awning. Those who are older, suffer from arthritis, have been injured, or simply have more limited mobility can greatly benefit from the comfort offered by remote operation of your awning.

Or if your one of those people who loves the newest technology and the ease of just pushing a button, a motorized shade is for you!

We are pleased to offer motorized retractable awning options. You can take a look at our products by browsing through our online galley, at our showroom or just give us a call at (509) 308.1354 & discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff.

We offer solar powered and wired sun, rain and wind sensors with Radio Technology Somfy®.

RTS allows you to experience motorization your way.
Control your motorized awning with a single device or
a combination. Choose from hand-held remotes, wireless
wall switches, table top controls, timers or app control.
You can also:
• Add a state-of-the-art wind or sun sensor to provide
automatic control based on weather conditions.

Now offering: The first totally wireless rain & sun sensor.
• Multi-purpose sensor for everyday comfort and peace of mind
• Six modes of operation • Compatible with all new and existing Radio Technology Somfy® motorized awnings, exterior screens and rolling shutters
• Demonstrations without the wait
• Adjustable rain & sun sensitivity.

NO WIRING REQUIRED                                                                                     Mounts flat, on a pole or a gutter. No wiring required!

Renewable energy Harnesses solar power while protecting interiors from the sunlight’s harmful rays.

• Automatically creates more comfortable outdoor living spaces
• Quickly responds to the changes in weather, protects the awnings, outdoor furniture, interiors and more…
• Simple indicators show which function is on.
• Easy to customize.

Frame: Fifteen (15) years – Southwest Sun Control
Fabric: Ten (10) years – Sunbrella
Electronics: Five (5) year – Somfy Motors

Awning Valance Options:

Awning Fabrics

NW Shade Co uses industry leading Sun Control Retractable Awnings.  Each awning is custom crafted in the USA, using extruded aluminum and a stainless steel chain arm along with Sunbrella Fabrics. These durable and beautiful awnings work well for homes & businesses in the Yakima, Columbia Basin and Walla Walla Valleys. They’ll ensure you enjoy your outdoor living space throughout each season!

Get your shade today!

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