Solar Shades vs Solar Screens

What is the difference between a solar shade and a solar screen?

We get asked all the time, what is the difference or benefit of a solar screen verses a solar shade.

Let’s start by defining the difference between the two. 

A Solar Screen: is solar fabric rolled into a window frame and placed on a window in a fixed position with small clips.  They can be be removed and stored during the cooler months.  They typically cover the entire window but they can replace existing window screen & frame.  Learn more


A Solar Shade is a hanging retractable solar fabric shade that is typically hung from a patio, deck or porch area.  They are also retractable shades found on windows with a track application that covers the entire window. Both solar shades and can be rolled up and down when the users chooses to do so. Learn More


So which one will benefit you?

Solar screens are an affordable option. Use them when you want to block the sun, heat, stop glare, decrease dust, gain daytime privacy & protect indoor furnishings.  Have an odd or unusual window shape or size? A solar screen is a great option because the frame can be customized to an existing window shape. 

Solar shades also provide the same benefits as solar screens. Unlike “fixed in place solar screens” shades can be rolled up and down.  This makes it a nice application for different times of the day when you might want anything covering your window. Solar shades also have the option to be motorized.  So, at the click of a button they can be rolled up for a full view of your surroundings.  

Although solar screens can be easily removed, rolling up a shade might be considered a more user friendly application if you don’t want a fixed solar screen.

All of our solar fabrics allow you to keep your view and provide you with day time privacy. Any fabric available for solar shades is also available for our solar screens. And we have a huge variety of fabrics.

Our extruded aluminum components for all of our solar shades are available in a variety of colors to compliment your home or business.

We offer free estimates and have a showroom with many of our products available to view.  Contact us at 509-308-1354 for more information.

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