What are Solar Shades and What Else Are They Called?

There are so many names for solar shades.  We’ll name a few and then define what solar shades are all about.

Solar shades can be known as sun shades, cable shades, deck shades, retractable shades, patio drop shades, roller shades, patio blinds, exterior patio shades, outdoor shades, privacy shades, solar patio screens, just to name a few.

What are solar shades you might ask?

Solar shades are hanging shades with fabric specifically designed to block the sun, reduce heat & provide protection from the elements. They’re most often used on the exterior of homes but can also be added to the interior of residential and business properties.

What materials do they use?

Exterior sun control shades are made from either vinyl-coated polyester or fiberglass that is resistant to tears, water, chemicals, dirt & of course the heat from the sun. Vinyl-coated polyester lends itself to a variety of sturdy outdoor sun control applications that withstand years of use.  As a material, fiberglass is known for its strength and resilience. It’s an affordable option lasts for years & won’t sag or dent over time, even in heavy traffic areas such as a screen door or porch enclosure. They are also pet resistant; mildew-resistant and helps save on energy costs by reducing heat from solar rays. Our solar fabric fiberglass screens are coated with PVC for extra durability. There are many different fabric colors available to compliment your home or business.

What are the benefits?
  • Our manufacturer offers vinyl-coated shades that block between 80% – 95% of the sun’s rays.
  • Increased heat and glare control as well as protection from insects due to the tight weave.
  • Shades made from this fabric can help save energy by reducing the heat penetration.
  • Fiberglass solar insect screen blocks 65% of solar heat and glare while providing excellent protection from insects.
  • And shades (even those up to 95% block) allow you to keep your view with all of the benefits of sun and other protection.
  • Decreases glare.
  • Provides daytime privacy.
  • Protects indoor and outdoor furnishings.
  • Can be motorized.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with just plain soap and water.
Where do use solar shades?

Typically you’ll find solar screens on back patios, porches, pergolas, patio covers, gazebos and other outdoor spaces.  Solar Shades can also be found on the outside of exterior windows. They can also be added to the interior of any residential or business structure. Exterior shades are superior to interior solar shades when the goal is to block the sun and heat. You can find out more by reading our blog about interior solar shades verses exterior solar shade systems. Our sun protection materials provide a solution and attractive practical way to enhance the art of outdoor living. Give us a call at 509-308-1354 to set up a free estimate.

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